About our rules and guidelines in MBL

  1. These rules are applicable as per event or basketball season basis. Our rules are custom and participants are required to review this before joining the league or any of our event.
  2. These rules are subject to change as stated that MBL rules apply for certain events.
  3. These rules are linked on our sign up form and by joining MBL, you have read and agreed to these rules.

Player Eligibility MBL 2K20

  1. Players who are under the age of 18 are required to have a parental waiver signed to be able to join any MBL event.
  2. Registrants must be medically fit to join competitive sports.
  3. There are no drafts or tryouts in MBL. It’s an open league, anyone can join our events. MBL is not limited to locals anymore.
  4. MBL’s competitive events will only allow players up to 45 years of age.
  5. Teams who will allow fill-ins who hasn’t paid the registration fee will automatically lose the game. Communicate to MBL Organisers that you will add a fill-in who intends to join the season beforehand.
  6. Player’s fees must be paid before the 3rd game of the season.

Player Uniforms & Wearables

  1. Players are required to wear complete uniforms whenever they play an official season game in MBL. MBL Officials will not allow a player with incomplete uniforms to play in MBL.
  2. Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, fitness watches, any electronic under the uniform and all metallic accessories are not allowed to be worn while playing.
  3. Sports basketball goggles is the only allowed eyewear in MBL.
  4. Statement baller bracelets are allowed.
  5. Headbands, bandanas, turban & head gears are allowed as they represent culture and personal statements.
  6. COVID Masks are not advised when playing the game. Fracture protective masks are allowed.

Gameplay Elimination Round of MBL 2K20

  1. Elimination Round will have a Single Round Robin format.
  2. Regular Season games will have 4 Quarters, 10mins in each quarter in a running time mode, except for the last 2 minutes of the game.
  3. There will be no 24sec shot clock rule except for the last 2 mins of the game.
  4. Each player has five fouls to give.
  5. Teams has two timeouts each quarter. Time runs on these timeouts except for the last 2 mins of 4th quarter.
  6. Teams can alter their roster within the first 5 games of the season. New players that will be added will need to have a complete uniform and fully settled rego before he can play.
  7. Elimination round games has no overtime period.
  8. Teams who will forfeit a game will have a demerit of -10 on Team Avg and 2 forfeits will mean instant elimination from the season. Forfeit is lower than a Loss.
  9. Teams must notify the league or captains group if they will forfeit the game 24hrs prior to scheduled game. Failure to notify the league will incur $150 AUD penalty fee to the team. The reason for this penalty fee is that the league find this disrespectful of time and effort of the league and opposing team.
  10. The minimum no. of player for a team to play or continue playing a game is four.

Semifinals & Grand Finals of MBL 2K20

  1. Only top 4 teams will proceed to Semifinals. Team AVG scoring is used for tie-breakers. Semifinals of MBL 2K20 is a knockout round, win or go home.
  2. Players who have played at least one game on either Preseason or Elimination Round will be allowed to play in the Playoffs (QF, Semis & Finals).
  3. Semifinals & Grand Finals games will have 4 Quarters of 10mins per game in full clock mode. There will be 24sec shot clock rule on the entire game.
  4. Two timeouts each qtr. Clock stops on timeouts.
  5. Teams will have two timeouts each quarter. Time runs on these timeouts except for the last 2 mins of 4th quarter.
  6. Teams cannot alter, replace or add players to their rosters after the Elimination Round.
  7. Teams with perfect Regular season record will have a twice to beat advantage only on the first instance of a knock-out game.

Misconduct and Technical Count

  1. Technical Count (TC) are like demerits & it refers to the number of misconduct and unacceptable actions of a player within the season. It includes.
  2. Player TCs are accumulated within the season. For 10 Technical Counts – season suspension, 6 TCs game suspension (next game).
  3. MBL reserves the right to allow players who will join our league. Because we’re an open league, one of the grounds a player won’t be allowed to play in MBL will be for his/her history of misconduct and unfair plays.

Injuries & medical emergencies

  1. MBL doesn’t include insurance fees on registration fees, thus we only help in giving players first-aid in case of an injury.
  2. Calling emergency 000 in case of an emergency will be on a player’s behalf.
  3. MBL has nurses around and has a first-aid kit on hand.


  1. A player cannot ask for a refund for their uniforms once it has been done as they have their number and surnames on it.
  2. We don’t give refunds to players/teams once they have played a game of the season.
  3. It may take 14 days for a refund to complete to a nominated bank account.