Based on the recent announcements from the State of Victoria

1. Masks are required inside the Stadium all the time. It should be worn by all patrons over the age of 12.

2. Always observe social distancing when you can inside the Stadium.

3. Everyone must scan our QR code signage upon entering the Stadium for contact tracing compliance. 

4. Each Team bench can only have a max of 25 people, as 50 is the maximum no. of people allowed on court excluding the officials & organisers. 

5. Before the game, we advise each team to use wipes (Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes 70%) & wipe the benches before occupying the space. Dispose it properly in the stadium bins.

6. After a match, teams are encouraged to proceed right away to the hall (outside the courts) to ensure we are compliant. Players who aren;t playing should wear masks.

7. Melbourne Market patrons will need to wear masks.

8. Whenever we conduct player interviews, players are required to wear masks as it will be hard to social distance in this scenario.

MBL covid-19 qr

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