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Season Preview: MBL 2K20

By January 11, 2021No Comments


People are asking, why do we still call it 2K20, it is now 2021. The answer is “commitment”. Though the COVID lockdown affected us, it doesn’t mean it can stop us. We are committed to deliver what the basketball community needs right now which is to bring basketball back to our city.

The New Season is here! We have 8 Teams this season:
MLV Chargers, Melbourne Capitals, Renegades, Bright Start Bulldogs, Redbacks, Point Cook Panthers, North Melbourne Stags and Blackburn Griffins.

Elimination round is single round robin format

MLV Chargers

They are the reigning champions. They still have their core players this season. Eric Miraflores, Tom Bottrell, Terrance Swayne, Liam Platt & Daniel Kinkela will still play together in the 4th title run of Chargers. They are still projected to be the best team this season.


North Melbourne Stags

We are ranking Stags to be the 2nd best team of the season because they have two explosive players in their roster, The MVP Tito Kwajakwan & Calvin Enge. Their core players Benji Coco, Jack Perry, Lowell Connell & Cody Perry  are still back this season. The chemistry they built from last season is something that other teams are trying to attain. They are the no.1 seed last season and team dynamics is what took  them there.


Bright Start Bulldogs

When Bulldogs played the Chargers on our MBL 2K20 Preseason event, they have renewed focus for another title run. They now have bigs who can ramp up their defence and Walleldin Elnour showed no rust at all after months of COVID Lockdown.


Blackburn Griffins

If Anthony “The Wrecking Ball” Kimble plays every game they could definitely win it all! He can wreck and demolish every team that they will face this season. They have great shooters and fast guards as well that could be a problem this season.



Redbacks could be no. 3 or 4 this season. But because their bench roster is not complete, it is hard to say they will rank high this season. They have new explosive players like Benson Ochan and Jake but they will need more players to compete to the likes of Bulldogs, Stags and Chargers.



Renegades has players who can score but their defence needs to be looked at. Seeing the preseason game, they don’t have players that can match up against the likes of Terrance Swayne, Lemark Pringle & Daniel Kinkela. They are still on the hunt for additional bigs this season.



Actually Panthers could be 4 or 5,  it’s really hard to say. Their team needs some shooters this season.


Melbourne Capitals

We ranked Capitals to no.2 spot last year but their current line up is not yet set and we’re not sure if their players will even show up most of the games.


Join us this Sunday 17th of January for the opening day of MBL 2K20.